Organizational Structure

The following articles explain the organizational structure of Prime Timers Nanaimo and contain links to the ongoing work of current organizational units:

Organization Chart Provides a chart of the overall organizational structure and  describes the connections between the organizational units.
Board of Directors  Describes the function of the Board of Directors, each of the Named Officers and the Signing Officers.
  Operation Committees  

Advisory and work committee for the chapter fundraising efforts.  The Fundraising Operations Committee currently has two functions:

  1. Plan and manage fundraising efforts and events.
  2. Plan and manage merchandising for the chapter.

Advisory and work committee for the chapter website.  The Website Operations Committee currently has three functions:

  1. Review and advice on the structure, content and usability of the website
  2. Distribution of the work required to maintain the website.
  3. Initial and ongoing training in website maintenance.
  Interest Group Committees  
    Card, Board and Other Games  
    Film Screenings at Member Homes  Interest group that meets at member's and friend's homes to view screenings of queer-related films. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in joining this group.
  Project Committees  
    Pride Participation 2018

Project Management Commiittee for the Pride Participation 2018 Project. The Project Plan contains the following documents:

  1. Project Charter
  2. Work Breakdown Structure
  3. Dependency Diagram
  4. Schedule
  5. Budget
  6. Minutes and Status Reports 


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