Prime Timers Nanaimo Member / Friend Application

You can join as a member or as a friends without giving your real name; however you must provide an alias (User Names, First and Last) and a valid contact email address. If you want, you can get an anonymous email from  

Information About You

Information About Your Partner

Application Type

Singles Membership is $20.00 annually. Couples Membership is $40.00 annually.
Both Singles and Couples Friendship are free. This is an application for (check one):

Privacy Policy

In applying for membership or friendship, you (or you both, if a couple) agree not to use any email or personal information you acquire about other members or friends for other than chapter business - unless you obtain prior permission from the member or friend to do so.

The chapter also makes a privacy commitment to you not to use personal information collected about you for other than chapter business.  Full details of this policy are available at

Code of Conduct

In applying for membership or friendship, you agree:

  • to treat other members and friends with respect and
  • to not take action which would disrupt events sponsored by the chapter, other Prime Timers chapters or Prime Timers World Wide and
  • to not take action which would cause distress to other members or friends, members and friends of other Prime Timers chapters or independent members of PrimeTimers World Wide and
  • that majority vote of the Board of Directors will be the sole determinant of violation of this Code of Conduct and
  • and that, if the Board determines that you have violated this Code of Conduct, the Board may, by majority vote, revoke your membership or friendship. 


The provision of your email address(es) will be accepted as your signature(s), provided you respond to a confirmation email from us verifying that you have applied online and that the email address given belongs to you. This confirmation is required to prevent mischief, fraud and identity theft.

Next Steps

After submitting your application, you (and your  partner, if this is a couples application) will receive a response email at the email address(es) you have given. This response normally comes within 24 hours of our receipt of your application.

Once you have confirmed by return email that you are the one(s) who submitted the application, we will begin sending you newsletters and news updates.  If this is a membership application, you may pay your annual dues at any coffee morning or pub night or any other chapter sponsored event.


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