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The main content of the website currently consists of:

  • a description of who we are, where we live, our identities, origins, likes and dislikes  (About Us),
  • a history of our chapter, which started in 2016 (History of Our Chapter)
  • an Events page, listing links to all information about events  (Events) ,
    • a Current Calendar followed by a list of current events  (Current Events),
    • a description of past events including a photographic record  (Past Events),
  • the Current Newsletter in PDF format and an archive of all newsletters previously published  (Newsletters).
  • links to all versions of the Member and Friend Application for Prime Timers Nanaimo and other forms  (Applications and Other Forms),
  • an Organization page which describes not only the organizational structure of Prime Timers Nanaimo but provides links to all content specific to operattions committees, interest groups and projects (Organization).  

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