The Constitution and Bylaws
of Prime Timers Nanaimo

We, gay, bisexual and questioning men of Nanaimo and its surrounding areas do hereby establish a non-profit rganization to ensure the freedom and equality of the members and friends of Prime Timers of Nanaimo.

Article 1) Name

The organization shall be known as Prime Timers Nanaimo and is a chapter affiliate of Prime Timers Worldwide. Hereafter the organization shall be referred to as the Chapter. “Prime Timers” is a trademark of Prime Timers Worldwide and its use has been granted to us. The Nanaimo handshake logo and banner are trademarks of our Chapter. The
following phrases are trademarks of our Chapter: ””, “”, “”, “”.

We reserve all rights to use of our trademarks and they may not be used without permission.

Article 2) Mission, Members and Friends

Prime Timers Nanaimo is a society of mature gay, bisexual and questioning men and men who prefer the company of older men joining together in a supportive atmosphere to promote social, cultural and educational activities. Minimum age is the Age of Majority in British Columbia.

Members who do not pay their annual dues within three months of the renewal date specified by the Board of Directors will be removed as a Contact.

A Contact must be either a Member or Friend. Members pay annual dues, can hold office, have voting privileges, may receive access to non-public parts of our media sites. Friends do not pay dues, may not hold office and may not vote or receive access to our media sites. Friends can renew their “Friend” status only once, after which time, they can no longer renew but may apply to become Members.

Article 3) Administration

The Chapter is organized as an autonomous Chapter of Prime Timers Worldwide. The Chapter Members shall elect a Board of Directors (preferably an odd number). The newly elected Board shall decide who will be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors at Large. Each member of the Board shall have one vote in decision
making. The Board is responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out the various operations of the Chapter.

A Director not appointed to an office is designated as a Director at Large.


The President shall preside at meetings. All members of the Board will keep the President informed of the progress of their individual responsibilities. He will monitor the operations of the chapter and make suggestions as needed. He is the Executive Officer.


The Vice President will fill in for the President in his absence and will be in charge of planning and promoting the chapter and increasing the membership. He is the Planning and Marketing Officer.


The Secretary will prepare the agenda for meetings, keep the records including up to date addresses and e-mail addresses of the members. He will keep and publish written records of meeting minutes and prepare election materials. He is the Information Officer and Electoral Officer.


The Treasurer shall receive all monies due the chapter and deposit them at an approved bank. He will oversee disbursements of funds as approved by the board. He will maintain records and give a financial report to the Board at meetings. Cheques will be signed by two of the three official Signing Officers, appointed by the Board. He is the Financial Officer.

Directors at Large shall carry out various assignments assigned to them by the Board. The Board may also strike Committees and appoint other Positions with responsibilities and authorities as specified by the Board.

Article 4) Voting

All members in good standing, whose dues are current, may vote. Voting is required for election of Board members, amending the Constitution and Bylaws, the dissolution of the Chapter, and for special assessments. Chapter Members may never vote for an assessment for more money than is in the Chapter’s bank account.

Voting Mechanisms

1. For Members – all voting by Members for adoption, amendment or repeal of constitutional articles or bylaws shall be conducted by using e-mail.

2. For Board of Directors regular business

a. by a show of hands at a scheduled meeting
b. by voice over an open speaker phone connection
c. by e-mail request and reply, where any Director may initiate a motion by emailing it to all Directors where the Secretary tallies the votes within one week and informs the Directors of the results.

3. For Committee Members

a. by show of hands at a committee meeting or by voice over an open speaker phone.
b. by e-mail request and reply, where any Committee member may initiate a motion e-mailing it to all members. The members then vote YES or NO replying to all Committee members. The Committee Chairman tallies the
vote within one week and e-mails the result to the Members

Voting on Constitution Articles / Bylaws

The Secretary shall send an e-mail ballot to each Member in good standing. If Members share an e-mail address, it will be sent under Member names.

The ballot shall be worded: It is moved that the following (Article, Bylaw) of Prime Timers Nanaimo be (adopted, amended, repealed) Stated Article /Bylaw; or amended language, followed by the phrase, please vote YES or NO by (date).

The requirement to pass the constitution, amendment, or repeal an article/bylaw will be that the number of YES votes returned must exceed the number of NO votes.

Any Member in good standing may move for adoption, amendment or repeal of articles/bylaws of the constitution by sending the Secretary a proposal as an e-mail and having one or more Members in good standing as seconders. If no “second” is received within one week the proposal is discarded. If seconder(s) are received the proposer(s) are notified by the Secretary and a vote on the proposal is initiated. Any Member in good standing may comment on the proposal by e-mail to the Secretary for distribution to voting Members. The Secretary shall tally the votes and inform the Membership of the results.

Article 5) Election of Board Members

Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors will establish the number of Board positions that will be available for the next year.

Election of Board members shall occur at the Annual General Meeting normally held in December of each year on a date selected by the Board. A Member in good standing may nominate a person only with his permission or may nominate himself.

Nominations may be made by sending an e-mail to the Secretary no later than two weeks before the election. Members may also nominate another Member or himself for Director the day of the meeting at a time set aside by the Secretary for final nominations.

Voting will be by e-mail for those not attending the Annual General Meeting and by ballot for those attending the Meeting.

Each member in good standing has the right to use one vote for each of the Board positions. In the event of tie for the last position there will be a run-off ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

Article 6) Replacement of Board Member

When a Board member is incapacitated, resigns, dies or leaves the area the remaining Board members may appoint a replacement member in good standing to complete the remainder of that former Board member’s term.

Article 7) Quorum

Voting at a board meeting shall be subject to the physical presence of a quorum either in person or by speaker phone. A quorum shall consist of fifty per cent of the Board members.

There is no quorum for Member votes.

Article 8) Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy

Members and Friends of the chapter agree to treat other Members and Friends with respect and not to take any action which would disrupt events or distress any Members or Friends of events sponsored by the Chapter, other Prime Timers Chapters or Prime Timers Worldwide. The majority vote of the Board will be the sole determiner of violation of this Code of Conduct and may revoke Membership or Friendship.

All Contacts applying for Membership or Friendship as a new Member or Friend or as a renewal Member or Friend must agree to the following Privacy Policy either in writing or by confirmation e-mail to the Secretary. There will be no exceptions.

You agree not to use any personal information or e-mail addresses you acquire about other Members or Friends for other than Chapter business without prior consent.

The Chapter also makes a privacy commitment to you not to use any information collected about you for anything other than Chapter business.

This website has adopted and enforces a Privacy Policy.
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