Elections of Directors for 2019

Current Status

The following members have been nominated as Directors for 2019:

Bruce M, Ladysmith Michael M., Ladysmith  none 
Don G., Nanaimo Wiley F., Nanaimo none 
Wiley F., Nanaimo Don G., Nanaimo none 

No statements of position have been received to date.

Background Information

Members elect the Directors of Prime Timers Nanaimo annually.  The vote is tallied at the Annual General Meeting, normally held in December and, this year, on December 9th at ABC Country Restaurant, starting at 5:00 PM.  The new Board of Directors assume its duties immediately following the announcement of the results of the election by the outgoing Secretary.

At its October meeting, the Board set the number of Directors at seven.  If seven or less nominations are received when the Secretary calls for nominations from the floor at the AGM, the candidates will be acclaimed.

The Officers, the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, are not elected directly by the Members.  Instead, the Directors decide among themselves which Directors will hold which positions.

In addition to appointing the Officers, the Directors normally make a number of other appointments and strike various committees.  In past years, appoinments included the Signing Officers (those registered at the bank for signing cheques), the Event Coordinator, the Newsletter Editor, Facebook Editor and Webmaster.  Commitees included Constitution and Bylaws Proposal, Pride Participation and Film Screenings.  The Board of Directors, by majority vote, make these singular and committee appointments by assigning the positions to willing members or friends. The Board of Directors is not bound to make the same appointments as previous Boards.

Commitments for Directors

Much of the work of the Directors is done using email.  This includes making proposals and voting by email.  Every Director must provide a stable email address which he commits to read and answer regularly.  A mobile phone is also desirable.

Directors also commit to attending monthly meetings of the Board either in person or by connection to an open speaker phone at the meeting.  There may also be occasional special meetings to deal with more urgent matters.

It is desirable for Directors to attend the coffees and pub nights and speak with members about their views on the Chapter's direction.

Accepting one of the Officer appointments requires additional commitments.  But the commitments for a Directors who is not an officer is relatively minor.


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